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must haves for any infant 

Jabblies and Swaddles

When it comes to dressing up your little one, why settle for bland and boring?
Chibby's pure cotton swaddles and Jabbles (baby vests) come in a range of colourful prints, ensuring there's something for every taste.Not only do these prints add a touch of fun and personality to your baby's outfits, but they're also made from soft and breathable cotton to keep your baby comfy all day long. Choose Chibby for a colorful and cozy wardrobe for your baby!


Chibby's cotton Mull swaddles not only feature a variety of colorful prints to keep your little one looking cute and cozy, but their soft and breathable fabric also ensures maximum comfort for your baby. While babies typically need 3-4 swaddles a day to help them feel secure and comfortable, these versatile swaddles can also be repurposed later as blankets, nursing covers, or playmats for your growing little one.

Size : 1mt x 1 mt approx.

Looking for comfortable and practical baby vests for Indian summers? Chibby's got you covered! Our cotton mull vests, available in sizes for newborns up to 2-year-olds, are a staple for every baby's wardrobe. Made from breathable cotton and featuring fabulous prints, these vests are perfect for keeping your little one cool and comfy during the warmer months. Shop now and give your baby the gift of comfort and style!

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