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Our experience make our product apt for the market. 

Amita | Founder

Chibby is a brand started by me and my sister. Our endeavor with kids’ clothes started after the birth of my first child. As a mother, I always wanted to dress my baby in cotton suitable for Mumbai's tropical weather. We extensively searched the market for baby clothes made up of cotton but were unable to find so. It was either the material or the print that dint get us excited to buy it. So we decided to get things done on our own. 

Chibby’s clothes are made up of 100% cotton, the prints are not run-of-the-mill like the ones found on the mass produced baby clothes. Our product designs are incepted in our Mumbai based studio and the material is favorable for the tropical climate. A lot of thought process goes behind choosing the colors and the prints, as we feel these factors play a major role in development of brain and vision of the baby. All the products are machine washable. Their bright colors are durable and the cotton is soft to avoid any kind of abrasion to the baby’s tender skin. 

Through our work, we get this amazing opportunity of getting in touch with people all over the world who are excited to welcome their lil one. Thank you for visiting our site and I hope you find what you are looking for. So happy shopping to you.

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